Histoire d’un master assez incroyable avec mes amis Krishna Prasad et Kavita Baliga avec des musiciens et la prise de son en Inde, une production et le mixage à Los Angeles et donc le master entre les deux … au Studio le Rocher, naturellement!

SO HAPPY & PROUD!!! If you have 33 min to relax- click below, sit back with some good headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy the journey of this album, ANNAYA! With producer cred on 4 out of 5 tracks (and a sonic space I usually don’t inhabit), I am truly happy and proud to share this with you. Launched by #ARR, I am honored to have been a part of this musical journey – I also sing a bit on 2 tracks! Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks and if you like it, SHARE this link on social and tag me


Kavita Baliga