Sanjeev T

ft. Vasudha Ravi & King Jassim – LIVIN’ LIKE IT’S ME

Guitarist/producer/songwriter Sanjeev T; most known for his work with Oscar/Grammy-winning composer A.R. Rahman has released his debut music video with record label Desi Music Entertainment, “Livin’ like it’s Me,” featuring guest artists Carnatic singer Vasudha Ravi & Desi reggae artist, King Jassim. “Livin’ like it’s Me,” represents living life authentically to yourself. This track is an example of freeing oneself from personal as well as societal oppression and is a celebration of authenticity; a celebration of self-identity, and a celebration of music’s ability to lift, empower, and elevate.

Video Credits Director: Krishnakumar Balasubramanian (KK) Cinematographer: Siddhartha Nuni Cinematography

Assistant: Aravind Swaminathan

Video Concept Team: KK, Kavita Baliga & Vikas Rao

Video Editor: Sidharth Vhavle

Choreographer: Vikas Rao

Dancers: Vikas Rao, Kavya Giridharan

Musicians: Sanjeev Thomas, Vasudha Ravi, King Jassim

Actor: Supriya Cherian “Didu”

Makeup: Anushya Devi P

roduction team led by: Egypt Dinesh

Production Assistants: Ashwin Raam, Praveen Gunasekaran

Equipment: RED Camera from YM Movies Pvt. Ltd.

Sound Stage: Senthil Studios

Lights: Prithvi Sound & Lights

Audio credits

Songwriter/Producer – Sanjeev Philip Thomas

Programming – Praveen Ninan

Vocals and guitars – Sanjeev T

Carnatic Vocals – Vasudha Ravi

Reggae vocals – King Jassim

Mixing Engineer – Krishna Prasad (LA)

Mastering Engineer – Jacques-Yves Lafontaine (France)

Recording studio – Rainbow Bridge

Executive Producer – Kavita Baliga

Record Label – Desi Music Entertainment, LLC

Special thanks to Senthil Studios, Aysha Rau, Rohini Rau, Sandhya Surendran, Asha & Ravi Baliga, Aditya Baliga, and A.R. Rahman. Social: IG @dmeintl @sanjeevtmusic @kingjassimlive FB @desimusicentertainment @sanjeevtmusic @kingjassimmusic YouTube @DME @Sanjeev T