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a3068729990_16Gillian O’ Donovan

Gillian O’Donovan is a musician and vocal coach living in France. The Hang is a steel instrument  with a very delicate and harmonically rich sound combining melody and percussion. She managed to obtain one of these rare instruments tuned to an Indian scale and started to compose a solo repertoire for voice and handpan. The challenge was to use this one scale for western songs as well as eastern ragas, and to play and sing each song live.


Sylvain Barou

Sylvain Barou

Sylvain Barou, from Brittany is considered as one of the best flute players. Having played mainly Irish and Breton traditional music. Sylvain also plays other instruments such as indian bansuri, balaban (similar to duduk) and is also a very accomplished uilleann-pipes player and also biniou kozh



imgresDaniel Paboeuf

De Marquis de Sade à Dominique A, ce saxophoniste a une carrière étonnante. On le connait aussi sous le nom de DPU, (Daniel Paboeuf Unity.) On le retrouve ici pour une toute récente version SOLO.


Jesse Lucas «The Vanishing Circle (2)13923629_1372016119482422_567382382159261879_o

Une boucle qui peu à peu, se meurt, c’est l’essence du Vanishing Circle. Jesse Lucas poursuit avec ce projet musical son envie de casser la nature cyclique de la musique électronique. En déroulant librement le fil de son inspiration, il élabore un voyage sonore organique et incertain. Chaque performance débute par une page blanche, The Vanishing Circle est une improvisation continue, une avancée vers l’inconnu.





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