Olli Goes to Bollywood

17 juillet Pornichet (44) 23 juillet Quimper (29)
17 juillet Pornichet (44)
23 juillet Quimper (29)

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  • Olli goes to Bollywood / Mercredi 23 juillet / Festival de Cornouaille / Quimper (29)
  • Olli goes to Bollywood / Mardi 9 décembre / L’embarcadère / Saint Sébastien sur Loire (44)
  • Olli goes to Bollywood / Mercredi 10 décembre / Espace Boris Vian / Les Ulis (91)

A show in which to discover India
Olli is on stage with Indian and French musicians for an original live film-concert. Behind him, a large screen where he serves India on a platter for those who wish to taste it. Behind the kitsch, colors and enthusiasm of this crazy story replayed on stage, there are valuable keys to understanding the Indian people. We have never travelled to India so easily.

Olli goes to Bollwood is the third epic of the « Olli & the Bollywood Orchestra » adventure. Both albums were distributed throughout Europe : « Kitch’en » in 2005 and « Tantra » in 2008.
The third album « Olli goes to Bollywood  » has just released digitally (Idol) and will be released physically on June 5th in France (Label Caravan / Avel Ouest / Coop-Breizh) and on June 21th in Germany, Netherlands, Benelux (Xango Music).

Line up:

Olli: composition, vocals
Kavita Baliga: vocals
Deb & Jyoti Sankar Roy: violons
Asad Khan: sitar
Uday Mukherjee et Debiprasanna Das: tablas, dholak, daf, thavil…
Erwan Volant: bass guitar
Jesse Lucas: video creation, v-djay, machines
Lannig Le Faucheur: keyboard, harmonium
Jacques-Yves Lafontaine: sound creating
Laurent Poulain: lights creating
Matthias Groos and Cécile Pelletier: external looks